Getting To Know More About Self-Employment Tax Calculation For Short Form Users


Albeit the fact that you are paying more taxes, self-employment does have its own sets of advantages. For sure, you are already aware of these benefits. Now, if you want to get your taxes in order, this means that you have to make use of form 1040 Schedule SE. Since you are a self-employed individual, the benefits that you get are not the same as with those hired by companies. There is a need for you to pay the full fifteen point three percent of taxes, not the seven point sixty-five percent that employees are paying. This means that you are paying twelve point four percent for Social Security tax on the first eighty-seven thousand nine hundred earnings that you have and two point nine percent for Medicare tax on all your earnings. In normal circumstances, these taxes are split between you and your employer; however, since you are self-employed, you have to shoulder everything. As you may have observed, self-employment tax can be costly and more taxing. However, there is what we call as short form california tax calculator that will help you make things simpler and better.


When using this method, you can start by taking the income you have gained through last year and multiply it by zero point nine thousand two hundred thirty-five. By doing so, you will be informed about the net earnings of your self-employment tax. If the total earnings for your self-employment tax is less than four hundred dollars, this means that you will not have to pay for anything. Then, you can take your net earnings and multiply it by zero point one hundred twenty-four. Doing this will enable you t tell what your social security tax is. Bear in mind all the time that you only have to do this tax calculation for the first eighty-seven thousand nine hundred dollars income you have. Once you have computed all the earnings that you have, you must add them so that you can get your total self-employment tax. See the mortgae rate comparison here!


This is the time when the self-employment benefit you will get kicks in. You will be given the chance of dividing the total that you get from combining your two net earnings by two as your self-employment tax deduction. Now there are other tax calculations that you can try if your income is less than certain amounts so try to calculate those as well. See which one gives you better results. Read more facts about mortgage, visit

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